Automated Attendant &
         Voicemail System
  IVR & Audiotext System
  Call Center Solution
  FAX Server
  Voice Recording Solution
  IP Based Telephony Solution
  Enhanced Telephony Solution

          In order to efficient handle all incoming call, iSoftel’s automated attendant and voice mail system make sense in today’s environment of enhanced information service.
          The system will able to work as operator who able to transfer calls , leave voice message and notify when having messages in any extensions.  It also serves as an agent to service customers and monitor all calls activities.

Systems Feature

•  Multiple language Announcement
•  Schedule announcement for different time such as  working hour and holiday
•  Automatic  transfer call  to extension
•  24 hours service for handling all incoming call
•  Unlimited voice mail boxes
•  Retrieve ,Delete ,Forward ,Reply ,Broadcast voice message from inside and outside office
•  Send attached  Voice / Fax mail to e-mail address
•  Self-provisioning personal profile
•  Web base administration and report
•  Call bridging as follow-me service
•  Perform as fax servers