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         Voicemail System
  IVR & Audiotext System
  Call Center System
  FAX System
  Voice Recording
  IP Base Telephony
  Enhanced Service for provide

         iSoftel’ Fax Server are rich feature for Faxserver which runon PSTN and VoIP network

Highlight Function

  Reduce Fax Paper and Document
 Support Both Analog and E1 Lines
 Scalable from 4 lines to multiple E1 lines

 Fax Blended Both Inbound / Outbound Faxes
 Inbound Fax can be routed to Network printer, E-mail or web server
 Display fax document from web browser / e-mail / direct printing

  More security for Inbound / Outbound faxes
  Fax Complete / Incomplete Status report
  Easily sending faxes out from desktop via web browser
  Immediate or scheduled  Fax  delivery management
Reporting module

Inbound Fax Server

 Fax routing by ANI or DID no.
 Fax routing based on Recipients’ profile
 Fax can deliver to Recipients’ email, Web Server or Network printer
  Fax can be re-route to other destination No.
  Security authentication for multiple level of users
  Password protected for administrator and users
  Recipient profile configurable
  Fax document converted to softcopy under Tiff file format  
  Report generated by recipient or fax number ANI

Outbound Fax Server

  Sending fax from desktop via web interface
  Select outgoing trunk group based on destination no.
  Fax deliver  immediate or scheduled delivery
  Broadcasting faxes based on campaign assignment
  Detect answered party whether voice or fax signal
  If the answer party is voice, send voice requesting for fax signal  
  Create multiple template cover page
  Store library frequently sending fax document
  Users indicate recipient details manually or address book
  Security authentication for multiple levels of users