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          iSoftel’s voice recording is advanced digital recording system that use digital sound processor to record . The system is windows based platform that  supports both signaling from PABX  ( Analog , Digital extesion,IP extension ) and  PSTN ( ISDN PRI / R2 or VoIP ).

System Features

 Support all PABX and signaling and Directly Tapping from PSTN
 Recording based on  : DTMF , Speech Detection , Voltage or combined
 Recording voice base on : WAV , VOX , MP3 or GSM
 Web application for search file based on
    + Date
    + Time
    + Caller ID
    + User extension no. / channel
    + Incoming and Outgoing
 Listening recording file via network or web interface
 More levels for access voice file : user / supervisor / administrator
 Alert to administrator via e-mail for recording space in hard disk
 Report generate for management
 Integrated with existing application such as  Call Center , CRM or helpdesk etc.