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          Interactive Voice Response  is  a  technology that  automated interact with caller via telephone.  iSOftel’s IVR  can support   both  pre-record information and real time information from database.

          The customer can  retrieve information by  press telephone key pad.  Most of  the business  use IVR  to improve service ,reduce cost of sales  and  inform the new service to market.   IVR solution can support more customers  require  such as   bank balance , credit status , product detail , order status or outbound for promotion, etc.

System Features
•  24 hour service for real time and pre record information
•  Unlimited  pre record information to customer
•  Running on either PSTN and VoIP Network
•  Integrated with all database such as Oracle , MS SQL , etc.
•  Announcement for  digit or number to voice
•  Support  both telephone signaling from PABX and Public telephone Network ( PSTN ) :     Analog , Digital , ISDN PRI / R2 , SS7 and VoIP
•  Running as Inbound and  automatic Outbound IVR
•  Changing call flow without restart application
Web base administration and report
   Upgrade to Fax Server or call conference function
   Integrated with Call Center Solution