Automated Attendant &
         Voicemail System
  IVR & Audiotext System
  Call Center System
  FAX Server
  Voice Recording
  IP Base Telephony
  Enhanced Service for provide

          iSoftel’s call center offer the better service to customer by connecting calls with customer’s information with greater speed and accuracy.The system will send the customer’s information to agent’s screen in order to provide better server. iSoftel’s call center integrates with existing application or infrastructure ( PABX or Network )   iSoftel provides 3 types of Call Center :
      1. iBased Call Center : provide call center function with existing PABX (no needCTI           from PABX ) iBased Call Center will provide CTI and IVR for Basic Call Center Function
      2. PABX Base Call Center : provide CTI Server connect with CTI from Existing PABX . iSoftel           also provide IVR ,Voice Recording to meet the full function of Call Center
      3. Server Based Call Center : No need to use PABX. iSoftel will provide Call Center server            to connect call from PSTN and Agent’s extension. This system compose of IVR ,Voice            Recording and CTI in the server
      4. IP Based Call center : Its architecture are running on VoIP Network which not required            PBX system

System Features

 Running on PSTN and VoIP Network
 Automatic Call Distribution Function
 Most Free / Skill Based Routing
 Screen pop up : Client Server or Web Model
 Speaks out waiting time or queue
 Free Seating Agent
 Call Transfer with Screen Pop Up
 More condition for customer to exit queue: leave voice mail or back to IVR
 Private barge in by supervisor
 After call work state for agent
 Priority access to Agent
 Support inbound and outbound call Center
 Support to integrate with existing application Such as CRM , Help desk or IVR etc
 Customized logging and reporting for requirement